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Green Ship-FluidFlow

2015-09-11 11:13:50 DMS Corporation Read
Optimisation of pump and cooling water systems on a 34,000 DWT Bulk Carrier Design:


The co-operation between DESMI, APV and Grontmij Carl Bro was established more than a year ago due to the increased demands for reduction of the CO2 emission to the environment.


The co-operation between the pump supplier, the heat exchange supplier, and the system designer was initiated with a view to trying to optimise auxiliary service systems on board ships by combining the designer’s knowledge and the practical experience of the two suppliers. The optimisations were centred on reducing the power needed for the pump and in that way reducing the CO2 emission to the environment.


The co-operation partners first focused on the seawater (SW) cooling system, being one of the parts in an ordinary central cooling water system. The chosen vessel type is a bulk carrier, which is very familiar to almost all, and in that way the conclusion of the studies in this report can easily be adopted to optimising projects at existing vessels and of course to optimising all new-building projects.



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Design Tool:
The case studies have been calculated and evaluated in a fluid calculation program named FluidFlow, which is a powerful design and simulation tool for pipe systems. The FluidFlow designing tool facilitates quick and effective evaluations such as:


  • Pressure loss calculations for fluid, gas and slurry systems
  • Selection of optimal pumps / ventilators
  • Cavitation control of pumps
  • Calculation of air pipes connected to tanks for pressurized system


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The pressure drop of the cooler is essential. The cooler is the component in the sea water system causing the highest resistance, and consequently it has a significant impact on the overall system pressure and in that way facilitates the installation of smaller pumps. Therefore the chosen cooler pressure drop should be specified very clearly, when purchasing departments are purchasing the coolers.


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About FluidFlow

A truly original software program for the design and optimization of pipe networks, transporting compressible, incompressible, gas-liquid two phase, settling slurries or non-Newtonian fluids.the efficient and accurate modelling of your networks is essential for the design of energy efficient, safe, reliable flow systems that are easy to operate and maintain. this product is used succesfully in many diverse industries to model new and existing systems, size pipes, select boosters, controllers and other fluid equipment.





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