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To help the Engineers of LPEC know the range of application and the accuracy of modeling of ProMax, engineer from DMS applied ProMax to simulate and calculate for LPEC’s catalytic cracker dry gas, LPG desulphurization and supporting menstruums recycling project and sulfur recycling project which were already in operation at that time. After comparing the result from the process simulation, both parties were astonished to find that the results were almost identical to the real data!


"ProMax can calculate the sulfureted hydrogen content of flash evaporation, can accuratly calculate the whole menstruum recycling system. The result of sulfur recycle calculation is substantially identical with real data. ProMax can also calculate the tail gas recycling and the supporting menstruum recycling."
-----Process engineer of LPEC


Different process simulation systems have different application scope, thus for big and compositive projects, it means that they need to design with different software and that the data will need be exported and imported between different systems. That always costs a lot of time and gets inadequate results with disaccordant data. And if changes of key data in downstream processes cannot be viewed directly when parameters in one process changes, the working efficiency will be largely affected by the time and effort consuming repetitive data conversion. In ProMax, multiple processes can be combined via inter-process links, so that, with accurate and flexible calculation, the influence of the change of one parameter on other process data in the whole system can be immediately observed.


"Comparing with Pro-II、Aspen、Sulsim、Amsim ,etc. ProMax can integrate various processes such as the dry gas LPG desulphurization, LPG desulphurization sour water stripping, menstruums recycling and sulfur recycling etc. into one process file for simulation, thus improving the efficiency significantly. In addition, ProMax has potential for application in FGD, MTO field which are the concern of LPEC. "
-----Process engineer of LPEC


About ProMax
ProMax(Priviouly named TSWEET and PROSIM) is a strong and flexible process simulation software, developed by American BR&E. ProMax is designed according to C++ object_oriented principle, that makes the software can combined perfectly with Microsoft Visio,Excel and Word. ProMax reach the extensive accept in Petro and Oil industry because of its outstanding features in Amine Sweetening,Glycol Dehydration,Crude Oil Refining, LPG Recovery, etc.

About LPEC
Luoyang Petrochemical Engineering Corporation/SINOPEC (LPEC for short) is a high-tech enterprise in China’s energy and chemical industry that combines both a patented technology provider and a engineering contractor.  With the National A Grade Design Qualification, i.e. for EPC, engineering design, engineering supervision, engineering consultancy, environmental influence evaluation etc, it is among the first engineering consultancy enterprises. It ranked 15th for comprehensive strength among Chinese investigation and design institutions in 1992 and 4th in 1998; in 2008, it ranked 5th for most growing engineering design enterprises and 3rd for EPC business revenue among "Double-Top-60 Chinese Contractor and Engineering Design Enterprises" by ENR/Construction Times.





About DMS
Our company (DMS) Corporation (Stock Code: 430311) is the provider of the infrastructure whole life-cycle big data management solution and assets management & value promotion solution which is based on the mobile Internet technology. We dedicate to providing EPC and MRO integration software system and engineering optimization solution for customers in the infrastructure field. 
DMS is the first company in China to be the member of PCA & Fiatech ISO 15926 (The International Infrastructure Data Specification Organization), adopting ISO 15926—the international mainstream data standard, combining the mobile Internet technology, and being compatible with BIM (Building Information Modeling) and Digital Plant system. And we provide a variety of services, such as multi-specialty engineering collaboration, digitization handover, HSE management and visualized operation and maintenance, etc. 

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