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DMS Becomes the Membership of SAC TC 159/SC4

2015-09-08 15:26:19 DMS Corporation Read

Beijing Time, September 4, 2013-On August 8, 2013, our company receive the confirmation letter from the Secretariat of SAC TC 159/SC 4 (is equal to ISO TC 184/SC4), which marks that our company officially becomes the member of SAT TC 159/SC 4. Our vice president-Mr. Wang Hongsong is elected as the committee.


DMS Software

Through several years past, as the first member of PCA and FIATEC in China, our company took part in the international conference of ISO15926 for many times. We participated in EDRC project of FIATEC and studied actively about how to provide plant's whole life cycle data exchange solution based on ISO15926 to domestic enterprises. At present, we are researching and developing the enterprise data management platform based on ISO15926, which is used for EPC digital plant transfer and O&O operations management.

What's more, we take an active part in the work of promoting ISO15926's domestic transformation. On July 31, 2013, we came to an agreement with China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS). It says that our company provides domestic PDL database resource and network resource, and constructs the endpoint and SPARQL standard access interface for domestic users. Also, we should organize specialists to do the localized translations.

About SAT TC 159/SC4
This committee was founded in 1995, which matches ISO/TC184/SC4, and its domestic number is SAC/TC159/SC4. The main work is related to the basic and integrated applied technology standard, such as researching and developing the industrial data representation and exchange, management and share and some relevant conformance test. It covers products’ whole life cycle, including but not limited to:


>>Study about the policy, theory and roadmap of Industry informatization and standardization;
Information modeling, industry engineering, modularization and system engineering standardization;
>> Product data quality standardization;
>> Digitization, networked and intellectualized design and manufacturing technology standardization;
>> CAT (CAD/CAE/CAPP/CAM/CAI/CAQ) Standardization;
>> Products’ whole life cycle data management (PDM/PLM) Standardization;
>>;Enterprise resources and supply chain management standardization (MRPII/ERP/SCM/CRM/ASP, etc.) ;
>> Manufacturing management data exchange and integration standardization;
>> Data dictionary of products’ features and parts library standardization;
>> Intelligently collaborative design manufacturing and service standardization for SOA;
>> Standard conformance test and so on.





About DMS
Our company (DMS) Corporation (Stock Code: 430311) is the provider of the infrastructure whole life-cycle big data management solution and assets management & value promotion solution which is based on the mobile Internet technology. We dedicate to providing EPC and MRO integration software system and engineering optimization solution for customers in the infrastructure field. 
DMS is the first company in China to be the member of PCA & Fiatech ISO 15926 (The International Infrastructure Data Specification Organization), adopting ISO 15926—the international mainstream data standard, combining the mobile Internet technology, and being compatible with BIM (Building Information Modeling) and Digital Plant system. And we provide a variety of services, such as multi-specialty engineering collaboration, digitization handover, HSE management and visualized operation and maintenance, etc.

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