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eZ Series

  • eZPublisher-3D model publishing tool

    Currently, 3D plant design has become the mainstream way of designing. There are various 3D design software in the market. But Autodesk Navisworks outshines others in model reviewing. Navisworks is an excellent model roaming and reviewing tool. As an Autodesk product, Navisworks can directly view AutoCAD Plant 3D models, but with no properties. eZPublisher is specially developed to solve this. eZP..

  • eZChecker-3D model design reviewing tool

    Currently, 3D plant design has become the mainstream way of designing. There various are 3D design softwares in the market. But when the 3D model is finished, design review is still done with printed drawings, which is not environmental friendly and is effort and time costing, and causes omissions during reviewing.

  • eZPID-Tool Kit for AutoCAD P&ID

    eZPID is developed specially to solve this. Through eZPID, models and data in AutoCAD P&ID can be imported into projects in 3D design software. This enables data from P&ID to continue circulate resistance-free.

  • eZReportor-Intelligent Report Generating Tool

    eZReportor is a tool specially developed for AutoCAD Plant 3D and AutoPLANT to generate P&ID and 3D reports in compliance with Chinese local customs, such as Equipment List, MTO, MTO by linenumber. eZReporter is integrated with multiple report templates, and users can define their custom report formats.

  • eZP3D-Tools kit for AutoCAD Plant 3D

    AutoCAD Plant 3D is a new-generation 3D plant design product developed by Autodesk. eZP3D is a localized tools kit specially developed for AutoCAD Plant 3D that can generate the Bill of Materials, merge AutoCAD Plant 3D Catalogs, batch-import pipeline number and other relevant information, and import PXF files to generate 3D models.

  • eZPDMS2CII-Data Exchange Interface Between PDMS and CAESARII

    The seamless cooperation of 3D design software and stress analysis software is becoming the mainstream requirement of pipeline major in design institute. PDMS is the most popular 3D design software; a..

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